The Robot Rock Cortex

August 8, 2016

Hurtling through the IT multiverse on leading edge of a ray of light, this week Inside The Data Cortex:

-Mark wants to replace everyone with a robot including The Rock.

-Stephen rejects this and believes The Rock is the biggest movie star in the world. Both worry about Nick Nolte and Ricky Martin?!?

 -Mark’s hero? Attila The Hun. Then he kills the vibe by deciding this week we’re talking about APIs. It is so disappointing.

-Ransomware, Isolated Recovery Services, APIs for Services Providers, level based targeting, the stuff which will never be standardised, test automation and doubling your salary to slum it.

-This time in books, Stephen wades further into the creation of the United States in Revolutionary Summer while in “The Great Crash, 1929” Mark discovers we are not stupid, just human. A Neal Stephenson recommendation, Asimov did it before you and in “The Price of Prosperity” the Emperor Augustus puts a tax on the childless.


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